inspiraShans in healing  ...with Shannon Lea


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At inspiraShans, the focus is on healing you from the inside out. Often physical aches and pains are manifestations of inward trauma and issues. You often need to deal with the core before anything else.

I have a variety of services to choose from.


REIKI . Space Clearing .

Soul Connecting (Mediumship) . Angel Readings . 

Soul Memory Sessions

(Past Life) .

I also welcome invitations to speak at live events and contribute articles to magazines or newsletters.


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Thank you for stopping by! I hope you enjoy the energy of this website. 


Many people ask how I became involved with Reiki. I always say that “Reiki finds us at the exactly the right time”. I had gone as far as I could go with my own personal healing, using all the opportunities given to me. It was then I found an Intuitive and REIKI Master who nurtured and guided me through my first II levels. I knew from the start that REIKI was something I wanted to share with others. I was excited to be able to help those anywhere with healing - especially my daughter who lived 7 hours away.


Presently, my Intuitive healing practice focuses on:


  • Those recovering from abuse
  • Chronic pain and illnesses.
  • Emotional healing. 
  • Stress & Anxiety


I believe in Angels. Spirits. Beings of Light. From an early age, I have always been connected to the Spirit Realm through personal visits, visions and dreams. I desired to share this connection with others, and now give messages and affirmations through Angel Card Readings and Soul Connecting.


My relationship to the Universe (Creator) has been deepened and strengthened through REIKI, the Angels and Mediumship. I know what my life purpose teach and show others the wonderful things they have to offer. It is all a very personal and amazing part of life's journey. 


Reiki has enriched my life and it can enrich your life, too! I am deeply honored and grateful to those who place their trust, confidence and faith in me as their Reiki practitioner. 


Please peruse the pages to find what I offer. From Reiki to Angel Card Readings to Energy Clearing (personal and property), Soul Memory Sessions and Soul Connecting. It is all working together for your good. :)