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Clients Say

Quotes I found my session so relaxing; Shannon provided a very calm soothing environment. I felt tension leave my chest like an unnecessary load was taken off my heart as well as a release of a cobweb of tightness in my lower back. Went home to enjoy the best sleep I've had in a very long time. I'm grateful for the treatment. Thank you so much Quotes

Quotes I was a skeptic in regards to Reiki, however wanted to try it before ruling it out. I was surprised at the heat that was generated as Shannon passed her hands over my body. I felt relaxed and peaceful with everything. I slept well that night. I look forward to my next session Quotes

Quotes While I have never experienced Reiki before, I had a bit of an idea what it was all about having been involved in Energy Therapy and Healing over the past year. I found the session to be very calming and relaxing and painless. The only sensations I felt were a warming sensation over various areas of my body, and a sensation I would describe as the feeling of something crawling over me, like a tingling feeling. I would definitely recommend Shannon for a treatment and would do it again. Quotes

Quotes I've had an excellent treatment by Shannon. Reiki mends me where only the energy can see. It heals all our invisable bruises that we carry inside. The feeling is warm, tingly and very relaxing. The energy that Shannon sends to heal feels like a warm accepting hug that we can't see. I highly recommend this lady to help, heal and make you feel whole and a worthy human being. Try it! Quotes

Quotes I have had a few great experiences with Shannon Lea and Reiki. We actually met on fb when I saw her post giving a special and since I have friends who love Reiki decided I wanted to try it. I have been "stuck" in my life after closing my dance studio about a year and a half ago and needed to clear some yucky energy and thoughts and asked Shan to help with clarity. Leaving the session I felt relaxed and energized and ready to take whatever came at me eventhough I still didn't know what that was. I have been back a few more times when I get that "stuck" feeling and always feel better. I have taken my kids to help them with stress issues and sleep and have also experienced distance healing with Shannon. That was a GREAT experience. All of us slept so hard that night it was wonderful. We will definitely be continuing our Reiki treatments with Shannon! LOVE IT! Quotes

Quotes I have had positive benefits with my emotional healing and the benefits of Reiki. My most profound treatment was when I felt tingling throughout my body and as the session came to an end much negative emotion that was locked inside came out in the form of tears for me. I truly have benefited from this and will continue to seek Reiki until such time as my body, mind and soul have healed. Try it you will be amazed. Quotes