inspiraShans in healing  ...with Shannon Lea


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Who I Am...

Shannon Lea is an energy healer who, for many years, was involved in leadership with religious organizations that promoted healing and miracles. Changes and challenges in life caused her to embark on a personal healing journey that led her directly to REIKI.

Trained as a Level III practitioner, Shannon owns her own business, inspiraShans. She teaches others how to make positive changes in their life by believing in their own spirit, intuition and the ability to heal themselves. She is dedicated to the full empowerment of all her clients and shows them when the mind and body and spirit are in sync...anything is possible.

Shannon is a sensitive and caring person whose passion for her work increases as she discovers more and more the beauty and learning that comes from every client she meets. She is familiar with the power of prayer and how touch can impact the spirit of others. She has personally experienced healing on her own body and also her children.

Through inspiraShans, she also offers personal and space clearing to her clients and has developed sessions that teach people how to use various natural energies to change their environment, reduce stress, and make your space a sanctuary. From crystals and gems to 'shan-Shui' decorating, soul coaching and discovering past is her desire and intent to help others discover the magic and find the positive energy they need to live life to the fullest.

Shannon's intention is to always bring passion and integrity to Reiki, to treat and teach those interested in energy healing and to help others discover the healing power of this vibrational energy medicine.

"In the end we are all on the same journey. We may have different experiences going through life but our experiences and how we handle them (our choices) are what make us unique."